Birth of a Holy Nation

When I first met Corbett Gaulden more than two decades ago, he was a Professor of Business at The University of Texas (Permian Basin). It seemed odd to me at the time that his understanding of Scripture was as remarkable because his academic qualifications were in business. As I came to know him however, I discovered that his "other life" was in the diligent study of the Old Testament. He had a depth of understanding of the persons, language, culture and history of the ancient Hebrews.

In the years since our first meeting, he and I have spent countless hours discussing the Scriptures. We have shared the insights and revelation we have received from the Lord regarding the principles of scripture as they were first introduced in the Old Testament and subsequently revealed in the New Testament. I have watched the growth and evolution of his revelation over this time and have often called upon him to present his insights in various forums. Without fail, his audiences have been profoundly grateful for his teachings. He and I have discussed making these messages available to a wider audience through the writing of books and studies, but the demands of his academic career (Dean of The School Of Business at San Angelo State University) precluded him doing so until now.

His soon to be published new work, "Birth Of The Holy Nation," was developed in close parallel to those sections of "My Father! My Father!" that shows how God established the nation of Israel as a natural prototype of the Holy Nation comprised of people from "every tribe, tongue..." Dr. Gaulden shows that God's intentions have never changed. His dealings with Abraham were deliberate and intentional in establishing the promises and precepts upon which a spiritual people would ultimately emerge upon the earth as the complete expression of these ancient principles and promises. Such a people would stand in stark contrast to the rest of humanity because they would have preserved the ancient promises, and in them the showing of God's order and character would be put on final display in the closing age of mankind.

The current condition of immaturity that is widespread throughout church culture is due in great measure to the unfamiliarity of believers with foundational principles of truth that have remained unchanged since they were introduced more than four millennia ago. The absence of teaching and instruction in the development of believers is the direct reason why so many are immature and confused. God is at this time raising those whom he has kept for such a time as this to bring forth light and understanding to those desiring to grow up into the maturity of Christ. I welcome this and subsequent works by my dear friend and fellow laborer in the kingdom of God.

I highly recommend this book and urge everyone who is hungry for insight into The Scriptures to obtain a copy. It will prove to be a valuable reference in your own studies, and it will most likely confirm revelations you have already been given and open your understanding to new insights.

The Lord instructed me to write Apostolic Doctrine and to present it free to His House as Bread from Heaven. Paul declared: "I received from the Lord that which I also passed on to you." It is meant to provide direction for the corporate body and instruction in righteous conduct. It is what distinguishes apostolic doctrine from all other forms of revelation and insight. It is the foundation upon which the lives of believers are established and it is indispensable for growth and maturity. God always intended for it to be "the children's bread." I anticipate that as God's people become mature many expressions of grace will come forth. Some will be singers while others will be writers and yet others will be called to business and other enterprises. All these expressions should support the understanding of the culture of the Kingdom of God. Unless one is specifically instructed by the Lord to do otherwise, each one is free to live by the the thing he or she is called to do. I hope many others will be inspired to write about the culture of The house of God.

I recommend "The Birth Of The Holy Nation," by my long time friend and close co-laborer in Christ, Dr. Corbett Gaulden.

Sam Soleyn


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