Join us as at the Apostolic Leadership Summit Sandton 2016 - a platform established by Thamo Naidoo and ApostolicGate in partnership with Gate Ministries Sandton, to introduce and advocate the Apostolic Season to church leaders and gatekeepers of different sectors of society. Together we will rediscover the ancient truths found within the Scriptures that teach us to live by a divine economy – an economy that is not about finances or stock markets, but a standard for the stewardship of God’s people and resources that transcends our human limitations.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of this Apostolic summit, August 5-8, 2015 in Washington DC.  Leaders from around the globe are invited to come experience God in a new way.

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When I first met Corbett Gaulden more than two decades ago, he was a Professor of Business at The University of Texas (Permian Basin). It seemed odd to me at the time that his understanding of Scripture was as remarkable because his academic qualifications were in business. As I came to know him however, I discovered that his "other life" was in the diligent study of the Old Testament. He had a depth of understanding of the persons, language, culture and history of the ancient Hebrews.

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Thank you for taking time to watch this first installment in our upcoming animated teaching series. We have been working hard to make sure that we address the teaching of the message of Fathering on all audio and visual fronts. One of the things that we recognized is that we can present many of the teachings through visual illustrations. The goal moving forward is to provide you, your friends and family ample opportunities to see more illustrations and have the opportunity to read, listen and watch key topics when available. 

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