Maturing a Son

How important is the maturing of a son?  It is vital to the fulfilling of the destiny God planned for every son of God on the earth.  God, our Father, does it in His way and in His timing.  He planned for every son to have a spiritual father on the earth, who has been given the heart of our Father in heaven, to help each son complete their destiny in God and to grow into maturity. (Malachi 4:6, Philippians 1:6-11, John 14:18)

This spiritual father is given the understanding necessary to take a son from being a baby,(Nepios) crying out ABBA Father, to being the mature son, Huios, where a son walks by the Spirit and is able to carry out their destiny in God, while at the same time putting on display their Heavenly Father. Just like Jesus who only did what His Father did...only spoke what His Father spoke...only moved when His Father told Him to move.(John 14, John 17:8, John 10:30-for a complete description of the various levels of maturity navigate to the link beginning with Nepios; etc.)

This process includes the earthly spiritual father's vision for each son he is given by God. The spiritual father looks at a son in their current level of maturity, at the same time, he is given the vision and insight to see who his son will be and will focus and direct his son to our Heavenly Father for all that the son needs to mature into the Huios stage of sonship.  In Paul's letters to the ecclesia (called out ones) he did this very thing.  He spoke to them where they were and directed their steps when necessary, as well as seeing who they will be in Christ.  He had to comfort them, discipline them, teach them, encourage them, and love them...and above all love them throughout the process of maturity.(1 Corinthians 13:7,8) This is the role of the spiritual father in regards to their God given sons on the earth.

A spiritual father also continues learning throughout his time on earth from his Father in heaven, his own spiritual father, and his sons.  Sons are able to help the father gain knowledge as the sons are the radiance of God's glory.  Sons reveal the spiritual father 's character in Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1) as well, so this process of having a spiritual father, chosen by God is a spiritual thing designed by God to be the springboard for every sons maturity.  The spiritual fathers heart is to see the sons grow beyond them as a son's floor begins at the spiritual father's ceiling.(2 Kings 1:9)

Ultimately, God is preparing a people to become His Holy Nation.  One with Him and one with each other in the Spirit.  We have an enemy who would try to keep the sons, infants. Maturity...critical to every son and God's beautiful plan for them in Christ.

If you are a son, and you have already found "fresh bread" through the Foundational Studies, continue studying each and every studio session beyond the Sonship studio sessions, concluding with The House of God studio sessions.  This is to help you to be equipped for your journey to your destiny in Christ.

If you do not have a spiritual father and you would like one, please use the Contact menu to start the process; which includes prayer, God's timing, and then actually receiving a spiritual father.

Blessings as you continue your journey to your destiny in Christ!