Session 2 - Sandton SA 2019

Sandton SA 2019 - Session 2 - Sam Soleyn - “Within the biosphere, the Living God made an appearance in an incarnate form. Jesus prayed that His concentrated form be distributed, so that many members would carry that which was concentrated in one body. The incarnation of God is in a corporate Body, portions of which we each carry within our persons, the whole of which is the assembled form. In Christ is where death meets resurrection and where we access the life of God.”

Session 3 - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - Bossier City - 2015

Sam Soleyn - Discussions on What Lies Ahead - 'Grace is the very substance that defines the nature of the invisible God.  The way God administrates what is in His mind is by declaration.  His Word is associated with the power to establish what He foreknew.  However, when God chose to incarnate the central aspect of His very being, it is seen as grace.'

Summation of ASOM 2014

Sam Soleyn ASOM Oct 2014 - 'The coming of God into visible form will transform the vessels of men, so that we are suitable containers of the finality of the expression of God.  Our journey is from the natural to that which is perfectly compatible with and contains the fullness of His expression.'

125 - Hope and Substance

Hope and Substance Sam Soleyn 12/2007 - 'Faith is the substance having come, the present manifestation, of what has been hoped for in the past.  Substance is the present reality; hope is the past condition.  We act on the basis of what God has said He was going to do until it becomes the reality and that reality is the substance.'   

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