Sons of God

The Sons of God-Haifa Israel

The Sons of God - Haifa Israel March 2015 - 'When God formed the dust of the ground and blew spirit into the form of man, God made a son.   When you speak of a son of God, you are speaking about someone whose Father is a spirit.  Therefore, a son of God is a spirit being who is contained in the flesh.'

Dominican Republic Session 11

Dominican Republic Session 11 December 2014 - 'The law and the prophets is the framework of what God communicated through the Old Testament.  Moses is the face of the law who brings the foundation upon which God will establish His purpose.  Elijah is the face of the prophets who establishes the framework of father and son.'

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Baltimore - 1. Was Israel declared as God's chosen for the purpose of giving Jesus a physical identification?

2. How do we know when the real thing comes as opposed to the false?

3. Where does the institutional church fit in with what you're saying?  Is it a type and shadow of the Body of Christ?

Prosperity of the Believer Part 2

Prosperity of the Believer Part 2 Sam Soleyn - 'God shakes the systems of men in order to expose the church in its involvement with these systems.  These systems are not of divine origin.  They actually are the systems of the kosmos that the enemy put in place when man saw himself as responsible for his own provision and protection.'


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