Renewing of the Mind

ASOM 2017 - Session 6 - Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 1 - Thamo Naidoo - Johannesburg SA - ‘Dominion literally speaks of prevailing without being aggressive, without being carnal, and without being authoritarian, but by exercising righteous rule and reign.  This type of leadership is inherent in all those who have been raised to manage the Father’s estate.  The Kingdom of God comes with His appearing.  It is invisible, but will become visible and tangible through the exercise of rule that will come through the sons of God, the corporate Christ, in the earth.’

137 - The Present Kingdom Part 2

The Present Kingdom Part 2 Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'Jesus showed His disciples everyday what it meant to be led by the Spirit, because He walked moment by moment doing only what He saw the Father doing.  He sent His disciples to teach the people to obey The Lord in everything.  He did not send them out to make converts.'

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