Prior Existing State

Session 4 - Cape Town Lecture Series 2019

Cape Town Lecture Series 2019 - Session 4 - Sam Soleyn - “The life of God in you is supported by the power that brought all of creation out of the being of God. Therefore, there is no power construct in creation that may refute the authority by which His Kingdom has been established in you. You are vested in the eternal in time and may enter into and be at rest in Him. You carry the manifestation of who God is specific to what God had in mind for you when He created you.”

Defining the New Season

Defining the New Season 4/2010 - 'This season is about understanding what goes with being reconciled to God.  The shift is away from the good works associated with going to heaven and towards a reconciliation where God is working through you in every circumstance of life; good works that put the face of God in your face.'

SA17 - Resurrection - Sam Soleyn

SA17 - Resurrection - Sam Soleyn - 'Resurrection happens routinely in the natural to reveal the life that is in God.  A seed is limited by  that which contains it, but contact with the earth destroys that which contains what is in the seed.  It destroys its limitations.  As a spiritual principle, the ground destroys the encasement of unbelief.'

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