Divine Nature

Session 6 - Cape Town Lecture Series 2019

Cape Town Lecture Series 2019 - Session 6 - Sam Soleyn - “For the human being to understand his origin, and more precisely his progenitor, it is imperative that he views himself from the understanding that comes to him through the Spirit of God. It is only through the Spirit of God that man’s understanding is elevated to the vantage point of seeing himself against the background, not of time and space, but of eternity.  God endowed man with a spirit out of the person of God Himself. Man’s destiny, therefore, cannot be viewed by virtue of a reference to creation.”

Dominican Republic Session 8

Dominican Republic Session 8 December 2014 - 'The spirit of Elijah functions through those who prepare the way for The Lord to come.  That function alternates between a function of the apostolic and the prophetic to build the House of God as wise master builders, for that house is built by wisdom.'


39 - Resurrection of the Dead Part 2

Elementary Doctrines Resurrection of the Dead Part 2 Studio Session 39 Sam Soleyn 01/2004 - 'There are two resurrections for the believer.  The first occurs while you are yet alive, when having died to the right to govern yourself, you are born again in Christ and become a partaker of the divine nature.  The second resurrection occurs when the mortal has been clothed with immortality.'

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