Session 7 - Cape Town Lecture Series 2019

Cape Town Lecture Series 2019 - Session 7 - Sam Soleyn - “When God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness,’ and formed from the earth a container into which He imparted zóé, the life that defines God, including all of His attributes, became incarnate.  God chose to create man in order to put Himself on display in the vessels of human kind.  He made a container for that endowment of being that emanated out of His own person. We are the current iteration of the incarnation of God.” 

Session 10 - Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017

Capetown Lecture Series Sept 2017 - Session 10 - Sam Soleyn - ‘Mount Zion is the general assembly and church of the Firstborn.  It is where we are assembled by one Spirit into one Body, consisting of just men and women made perfect.  This church lives in the Spirit while functioning in the earth, to the end that when this assembly has been made complete, God Himself, with increasing glory, will manifest Himself out of this place called mature sons.’

Dominican Republic Session 3

Dominican Republic Session 3 December 2014 - 'We are living now in an administration where God is bringing back His Word to the absolute center of our lives and the agency through which that Word is brought to us is called the scribe.  The medium that God uses to communicate His Word is through the agency called the scribe.'

5 Administrations of Grace

Sam Soleyn ASOM Oct 2014 - 'God wants to be known for His love.  He has elected to make Himself known in the form of Father and Son.  Father is the characteristic of God that loves in the fashion of a father.  Son is the expression of the nature of God, who is love.'

06 Sam Soleyn Part 1B

06 Sam Soleyn Part 1B - 'When your information comes as revelation from God, as opposed to information which comes through reason by means of the soul, the mind of the spirit frames this information using knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and counsel and the result is that you see reality as God sees reality.'

153 - The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'Prayer is of a variety of sorts in the New Testament.  Prayer, as incense coming up before God, aligns the individual with the realities of heaven.  Elders have an administrative prayer for healing relative to demonic oppression.  This type of prayer also involves the forgiveness of sins.'

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