How important is the maturing of a son? There is a transformation that must occur in the maturing of every son. It is vital to the fulfilling of the destiny God planned for every son of God on the earth.  Without this transformation, you can not completely fulfil your destiny.  You will not have the maturity needed to fulfil your destiny.

God gives us the natural to understand the spiritual.  In the natural, we start out as a child and go through a maturing process to become mature adults.  The same is true for sons of God.  We start out as a Nepios son, very young, lacking wisdom, understanding of Godly principals and very self centered.  We have often been hurt and are not able to hear God for ourselves.  If you will not allow God to mature you, you will not be able to walk into your destiny, the purpose the Lord has called you to do and be on this earth.

In the natural the Lord gives us in the natural a father.  The responsibility is given to the father to “raise up the child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  God’s design for us is that our natural fathers mature us in the natural and in the spiritual.  This writing is designed to give clear understanding about the spiritual maturing process as it relates to a father.  God is restoring in this time the understanding of how a father needs to mature his sons (male and female) spiritually.  We now live in a time where if you did not have a natural father bring you to a place of spiritual maturity, then you are an orphan and need a father to raise you up spiritually.  This is where we get the term spiritual father.  He is nothing more than a man on this earth that will come along side you and help you walk into spiritual maturity.

We now live in a time when the spirit of Elijah has come to restore the relationship between fathers and sons (Malachi 4:6).  He planned for every son to have a spiritual father on the earth, who has been given the heart of our Father in heaven, to help each son to grow into maturity and complete their destiny.  If your natural father is not able to help you with this process, then you would need to consider asking God for a father to help you mature spiritually, a spiritual father.

It is time for fathers to begin to rule righteously for the benefit of their sons both natural and spiritual so that they might have the opportunity to receive their spiritual inheritance.  It is time for their households to come into order.  This is the first building block of the Holy Nation.

This spiritual father is given the understanding necessary to take a son from being a baby,(Nepios) crying out ABBA Father, to being the mature son, Huios, where a son walks by the Spirit and is able to carry out their destiny in God, while at the same time putting on display their Heavenly Father. Just like Jesus who only did what His Father did...only spoke what His Father spoke (John 14, John 17:8, John 10:30).

This process includes the earthly spiritual father's vision for each son he is given by God. The spiritual father looks at a son in their current level of maturity, at the same time, he is given the vision and insight to see who his son will be and will focus and direct his son to our Heavenly Father for all that the son needs to mature into the Huios stage of sonship.  In Paul's letters to the ecclesia (called out ones) he did this very thing.  He spoke to them where they were and directed their steps when necessary, as well as seeing who they will be in Christ.  He had to comfort them, discipline them, teach them, encourage them, and love them (1 Corinthians 13:7,8).  This is the role of the spiritual father in regards to their God given sons on the earth.

A spiritual father also continues learning throughout his time on earth from his Father in heaven, his own spiritual father, and his sons.  The goal for all of us is to ultimately be the radiance, the reflection of God's glory.  The son is a reflection of the father.  Sons reveal the spiritual fathers’ character in Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1) as well, so this process of having a spiritual father, chosen by God is a spiritual thing designed by God to be the springboard for every sons maturity.  The spiritual fathers’ heart is to see the sons grow beyond them as a son's floor begins at the spiritual father's ceiling.  This just means that a spiritual father can show you how the next generation can learn from the mistakes and wisdom of the previous generation.

Ultimately, God is preparing a people to become His Holy Nation, Zion, a city on a hill, the corporate body of Christ.  One with Him and one with each other in the Spirit.  It starts with the basic building block of households (families) coming into order.

So how do we mature to enter into each of our destinies? 

What are the stages of the maturing process? 

Below are the stages of spiritual sonship with a short description:

-          Nepios - Infant, baby not old enough to speak or function

-          Paidion – Little child able to understand some Godly principles

-          Teknon – Teenager beginning to want to understand his/her destiny

-          Neaniskos – Young Adult beginning to rule his/her own life well

-          Huios – Fully matured son who represents his father well

If you desire to walk into your destiny, begin with the first stage of sonship, Nepios.  Even if you have been a believer for many years, it is highly recommended that you review even the beginning stages of sonship.  For example, you will need to fully understand the Elementary Doctrines including the Baptism by the Spirit and of the Spirit.  These are essential to having the requisite understanding and power to enter into your destiny.

It is really important to walk through these steps of sonship with a spiritual father.  You will have many questions that will require a father with the wisdom to answer them.  If you do not have a spiritual father and you would like one, please use the Contact menu to start the process; which includes prayer, God's timing, and then actually receiving a spiritual father.

Congratulations!  You are embarking on the very first stone of your journey to Sonship and your destiny which begins with the foundational series of studies.  Continue on to the first stage (Nepios) to begin your journey into a maturing son of God!