About Sam Soleyn

Holding Hands


Sam Soleyn was born on the southern Caribbean Island of St. Vincent in 1951 and has spent the majority of his adult life in the United States, where he currently resides.  

His interest in the things of God began in his childhood, and has shaped his destiny throughout his life.  In 1984, he had an extraordinary encounter with God that set the course of his present journey.  He has come to understand that the basis upon which the relationship between God and man has been established is that of a father and his son.  He has written one book entitled: "My Father! My Father!" in which he sets forth this foundational principle.  In the soon to be published new work entitled: "On Earth As It Is in Heaven," he discusses the nature of man as a spiritual son to God.  In addition, this website contains numerous detailed presentations of various aspects of this overarching relationship.  These presentations show the progression of this message over a period of two decades.  

He is an internationally known writer and speaker whose messages have been presented on radio, television, and the Internet.  

He holds a doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of New Mexico school of Law.